2002 JFK

JFK Ultra-Marathon
after activity report

On November 23rd members of the Antietam Radio Association provided their annual support to the JFK Ultra-Marathon.  This year the event was a little different, and as such provided some new challenges.  The race began at 5 A.M. for those who expected to take a little longer than 10 or 12 hours to complete.  The organizer of the Run, Mike Spinnler expressed his appreciation for the work, equipment, and dedication of the radio team.  He continues not only laud our work but to insist that this race could not happen with out the assistance of amateur radio.  There is no other form of communications that will perform over the entire length of the course.  Cell phones just won’t work down along the C & O Canal.

I cannot say enough about the very professional way in which the communications were handled.  Every one performed in an exemplary manner.  We did feel the lack of communications with the transport van.  The "fix" for that hole in communications was ok, but we really did miss the ability to reach the Van in several situations.  

Again, a personal THANK YOU to all who participated.

Bob Long KD3JK

The amateurs assisting were:

Carlo Belella, K3ABH – Starting line
Herm Niedzielski K2AVA – Communicator for the Race Coordinator – early
Don Eisenhart – WBFTQ – Turner’s Gap, and later Snyder’s Landing
Joe Lockbaum – WA3PTV – Reno Monument
Joe Brining -W3BUI- Gathland Park
Charlie N3MVR, and Donnie Sue K3ABH, Mulligan – Weaverton Cliffs
Roy Bates, N2CSQ, Weaverton – transition from the Appalachian Trail to the C & O Canal
Joe Plum, KB8QPG – Dam 3
Phil Bowser, KB8FJN, Dargen Bend
Jack Willock, W3NHR, Antietam Viaduct
Karin Christensen, KB3GFV, Shephardstown Bridge
Charlie Anderson, NF3X, Mondell
Doug Cooney, N1FBI, Dam #4 and Net Control
Buck Huntzberry, WA3VDX, Net Control
Mike Pannell, N3WSP, Liaison to REACT, NPS and Late Communicator for Race Director
Stan Klick, W3YGC, Sweeper for Appalachian Trail and C & O Canal
Jimmy West, KB3ISF, Sweeper for Appalachian Trail and C & O Canal (in training)
Bill Harclerode, N8UKC, Telephone contact
Bob Long, KD3JK, Coordinator

 The race began at 5:00 A.M. ended after 6:30 P.M.