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February 2,2005

Ok, Well, here it is folks, our committee consists of nine people, (that is if everyone participates) (Fran I was asked to add you to the list also and Page, if you wish to forward to everyone please do so) I hope to make this as easy as possible so everything in BOLD is something I need someone to do or answer.

So far:

The committee was created at our Christmas dinner by Herm, John was the chair, he got a job (Congrats John) but that means he is busy with his new job so,At the meeting tonight, I kind of became chair by default and under protest. We (I) have all the data from Chambersburg,

We have until Feb 22 (21 days) to get something together, I can do the handout based on Chambersburg's work modified for our situation.

I do not know if I will be able to get off. Quite frankly I need my days off for health care.

We need presenters (about five minutes which is not much time)

Bob will address this from a Emergency perspective, We were hoping that Page, Fran and/or Al can do something from the commercial point of view. We need a Ham to give the Ham point of view?

 We need email to mayor and council and Letters to the Editor (Keep it professional and factual please)

We need people to show up at the meeting on Tuesday the 22nd

(Could someone who is available during the day call city hall and find out the time? I know council is at 4pm but is there a special hearing for this?)

I do not know how else to say this but we are up against the eight ball here. The city has no way to loose with this agreement. Chambersburg had 30 people. We have 9? That does not mean we should give up but we have an uphill battle ahead and few resources. I need you all to do something. I can not do this alone and I won't even try. So I am looking for ideas, suggestions, volunteers. Lets get this rolling because we are out of time.

Thanks, Tori


February, 3 2005 Update

    I hate to be a pest but


    Only 19 Days left, what did you do against BPL today?


    Please keep the group informed of anything you do.


    Can I get someone to call the city? PLEASE. This is something I cannot do from work. (This is a test if no one does this we will not get heard I can almost guarantee it, so please, I know your out there, at home during the day this is a simple phone call but it is VERY important)

(Could someone who is available during the day call city hall and find out the time? I know council is at 4pm but is there a special hearing for this? could you also find out about speakers like what we have to do to get on the agenda.)


  for doing this. The following is the information he received:

"I just got off the phone with the City Clerk, Donna Spickler (301-790-3200 Ext.113). The regular meeting is scheduled for the 22nd @ 7pm. The “Order for Introduction of the Franchise Agreement” is on the agenda per the Jan 11th meeting. So far that is all that is listed on the subject. She said to keep calling back for info. To be a speaker there will be a signup sheet outside the meeting room in the hall. Also the Mayor will ask for comments after the presentation, so you don’t have to signup to speak, but still I would cover all bases."


This is VERY good news. I still recommend that we have people on the agenda and not just making comments at the end. I also would like to ask anyone who can to still attend the 4pm meeting. Just to be sure nothing "funny" goes on.  


   This is the responce I received from one coucilwoman, It does not sound promising:

I will forward your comments to our Light Dept manager for clarification on these important issues.

Kristin Aleshire


Also I have no comments about the below: anyone?


    I am not sure this will work with our small group but when I did some lobbying in College it worked for a small group to effect the US congress so, here is what I propose:


    This weekend, everyone and I mean all of us, outside of Hagerstown too, possibly other clubs if we can get them to do it, friends, family, anyone you can find, inundate the mayor and council with email - fill up their inboxes if we can. The subject needs to say it is against BPL because if they get that many they are not likely read them all. It would not hurt to send a paper copy via snail mail so that they get a ton of paper on Tuesday or Wednesday. Also everyone should send a letter to the editor. We have to do something to get attention. I think that would do it. But it would require every single one of us and anyone else we can find. If the newspaper gets enough letters they may do a story. I think it is worth a shot.



 Thanks, Tori