ARA Club

The Antietam Radio Association is a general interest club.  We support all modes of operation and have a chapter devoted to ATV and provide strong support to RACES. The club meets the first and third Tuesday of each month. All meetings are now being held at the Educational Building Auditorium, 2nd Floor building behind St. John's Lutheran Church in the 141 South Potomac Street in Hagerstown.

The official meetings start at 7:00 PM. The Building is Handicapped accessible and has an elevator.

There is only one meeting in July, August and December on the First Tuesday of those months.

Please check back often for any changes to our meeting location.

We extend a warm welcome to all at any meeting. Annual dues are $15 per year, payable by December 1st each year. For an application to join the ARA click here

Breakfast Gatherings

A Group of ARA Members Usually have breakfast together on the last Saturday of the month at 9:00am at the Railroad Junction Restaurant, 301 S Burhans Blvd., Hargerstown, MD

Other Activities

Besides monthly meetings, ARA members participate in the Great Hagerstown Hamfest, the ARRL Field Day, Maryland DC QSO Party, hold ham radio training classes and provide VE testing. Our members provide communications for the RAGNAR race and JFK Ultra Marathon. The final meeting each year is the Annual Christmas Dinner Party meeting.

2016-2017 Club Officers

President: Brian Umbrell, W3PDW 
Vice President: 
Herman NiedzIelski, K2AVA
William Collins  K3WJC
Treasurer: Tim Keener N3VGS

Hamfest Chairman: 
Herm NiedzIelski K2AVA
Public Information Officer:
Page Pyne, WA3EOP 
QRN Lite Editor: Bob Long, KD3JK, Page Pyne, WA3EOP 
Club Historian:
William Collins, K3WJC
VE Coordinator:
Brian Umbrell, W3PDW 
Emergency Communications: Butch Eigenbrode, NI2W
Repeater Committee:Bob Long, KD3JK (Chairman); Jack Willock, W3NHR; John Smith, W3SPY; Butch Eigenbrode, NI2W;
Herm NiedzIelski, K2AVA; Milt Engle, N3LTQ
Activities: Steve Struharik, WA8EIH (Director); Steve Petty, KC3FDA
Website: Tori Myers, AB3BE
Club Trustee: Brian Umbrell, W3PDW
Resident Agent: William Collins, K3WJC

elected directors

Gerald Rosenberry, KB3GBF
Patrick Goodrich, KB3YSV
Jack Willock, W3NHR