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Sponsored by:
The Antietam Radio Association, Inc.

The Official Site of the Maryland DC QSO Party will change
for 2010. Please use the link below for the new sponsors home page


**** Final 2009 Results  ****
2009 results


Special Announcement

If you are reading this you have shown an interest in the MDC QSO Party.
     2009 was our 20th Consecutive year of the Modern MDC QSO Party also known as the
     Prior to these last 20 years, there were versions of the party, sponsored first by the Maydale ARC and later
by the Columbia Amateur Radio Association.

             2009 will be the last year of the Modern MDC QSO Party under Antietam Radio Association's primary sponsorship.
     The show will go on. The Anne Arundel Radio Club (AKA W3VPR and KI3DS) will pick up sponsorship
starting with the 2010 FUN CONTEST.  AARC has agreed to sponsor it at least another 10 years. Chairman
for the 2010 Event will be Bob Rose AA3RR and the 2010 MDC QSO Party website


Sponsored Plaques for 2009

High Scoring ARA Member  (Donated by Antietam Radio Association , ARA)   
      High MDC VHF/UHF ONLY Entry (Donated by W3SPYand his Cheese Hollow ARS, W3HAM)  
High Score
MDC Club and High Score MDC Single Operator (Donated by Steve Drager, W3UXZ)
High Score MDC QRP and Non-MDC QRP (Donated by Rich Mitchell,  N3III )
High Score Outside MDC (Donated by
Butch Eigenbrode, NI2W)
High Score MDC Mobile Entry (
Page Pyne, WA3EOP)

      We hope that this year, in support of the Year of the State QSO Party that club stations in and out
of Maryland will participate. We also hope that the many ARRL Officials and appointees in the state
will join the FUN CONTEST to make 2009 the best MDC QSO Party yet.  And keep in mind we are
still this year awarding certificates to all entries showing at least 50 QSO POINTS  and validaded by our

     Your judging committee formally this year are N3ZHI, NI2W, KB3JNJ, W3SPY, W3NHR and WA3EOP.
There could be another judge or two added but these CHARS Members have united for the task.
    And  this years party chairman is myself Page Pyne WA3EOP and my co-chair is John D Smith, W3SPY.
     We salute Al Brown, KZ3AB, his wife Debbie and his committee for the excellent work caring for the party
the last 2 years.  Al , like this year's committee also has joint membership with ARA and the Cheese Hollow Gang.

     We look forward to working you in this year's FUN CONTEST.

Page Pyne WA3EOP and John Smith W3SPY
2009 Chairman and Co-Chairman

       Possible Club Stations to look for in 2009:


2009 Official Rules  
click here

Summary Sheets 
(now available in multiple formats)

   MDC Summary Sheet (PDF)

  MDC Summary Sheet (DOC)

  MDC Summary Sheet  (RTF)

  MDC Summary Sheet  (TXT) 


The Fun Contest

The MDC QSO Party has been described by some as the contest they like the
best because it's so much fun. This is a contest that emphasizes both aspects of
its name. It is a contest, that encourages you to actually spend time in a 
QSO with the participants. 

Maryland DC QSO Party Information

Certificates are awarded to all stations with 50 or more QSO points in
their entry. Many certificates are awarded including: 10 Best MDC Single Ops, 
Best Score per State and DX Country, Best MD YL, 
Best Technician entry each State and Best QRP Log per State.

MD-DC QSO Party logging software is available from the following websites


Some of the Plaques Offered for 2009:
please see official rules for details

High Score from:
  -Maryland Club or Multi-OP station -
- Station Outside MDC - 
- MDC Mobile - 
- MDC Single Operator (HF + VHF/UHF) -
- Non-MDC QRP -
Highest Scoring Antietam Radio Club Member -

The Antietam Radio Association 
is the primary sponsor of the modern day
  Maryland DC QSO Party



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Maryland DC QSO Party E-Mail Contact:

2009 MDC QSO Party Chairman: Page Pyne (WA3EOP)