2007 results


Results 2007 Fun Contest, the MDC QSO PARTY

Plaque Winners:

K3TW    Tom Warren          176,278  Best MDC Single Op

N4JF    Jerry Fiore                4,352  Best QRP Entry outside MD

K9EU    Erik  Andersen        17,625  Best Standard Entry
                                          Internationally outside MD

WY3P    Carrol Co. Contesters   235,888  Best MDC Club Entry

WB3FTQ  Don Eisenhart       19,228  High Scoring ARA Member

Other Major Category Winners:
 (Certificate only as less than five entries in each category)

K4MUT   Bob McMeekin           79,184  MDC Mobile

K3FCC   Gary Swales                  88  MDC VHF-UHF Only

K3NCO   Mark Ressler               16,195  MDC QRP
KC3T    Kathy Croft                     230  MDC YL

State and DX Winners:  (Certificate)

AL        Jerry Fiore                  4,352        N4JF
CA       John Desloge Jr.          1,140        N6MU
CT       Woodrow A Wilson Jr.     6,897   K1OQ
DC       David Splitt                 87,048      KE3VV
FL        Scott Keating              1,584        N4GVA
GA       Luther Lord                13,708       N4DA
IA        Scott Scheuerell           464           N9HDE
IL         Erik Wm Andersen     17,625       K9EU
IN        Norm Triantafilos         512           KB9YGD
KS       Bob Harder                 3,735       W0BH
LA       Don Bohannon             2,346       N5YE
MD      Carroll Cty Contesters     235,888   WY3P
ME       Cory Golob                 660         N1URA
MI        Rosemarie Robinson    1,352      K8VFR
MO      Community Service RC    438     KC0YNE
MS       Keith W Blevin             66          KD5UBC
MT       Bob Knibb                   486        K5ME/7
NC       Brian D Kuebert           1,794     N4UEZ
NH       Michael Murphy           768        WA1VKO
NJ        David Kozinn                2,388    K2DBK
NM      Mark Halliburton          847        K5WMH
NY       Albert Sayers               2,928     WB2ATZ
OH       Joseph Wehner            1,089     W8KNO
PA       Wash. Am. Com, Inc.   3,248     WA3COM
RI        James P Greenwood     2,508     W1WIU
SC       Ralph Lambert              432        KI4NJZ
TN       Greg Tomerlin              1,280      K4KO
VA       Richard Maylott           2,388      W2YE
WA      Paul J Beringer             740         NG7Z
WI        Jeff Bechner                4,959      W9MSE

    Robert MacKenzie         1,935   VA3KRM

(Azores)  Gary Wikstrom    130    CU2JT

Best QRP By State and Country: (Certificate)

AL        Jerry Fiore              4,352     N4JF
GA       Mark Hopkins         513       NA4O
MD      Marc Ressler           16,195   K3NCO
MO      H R Thompson        120       K2HT
NJ        David J Walsh         1,200    NJ1W
NY       Tom Althoff             2,519    K2TA
PA        James Stiles             1,179       WB0IWG
TN       Greg Tomerlin          1,280    K4KO
Canada  Robert MacKenzie    1,935   VA3RKM

Honorable Mentions go to:

MDC Single Ops:

KE3VV     2nd Place   David Splitt           87,048
K4MUT    3rd Place    Bob McMeekin    79,184
KB3NDS  4th Place     Paul Lenharr II     78,108
WA3G      5th Place     John Lynch           52,266
WB8YYY  6th Place    Curtis Milton        27,060
N3ALN     7th Place    Alan Muldawer     21,777
WB3FTQ  8th Place     Don Eisenhart      19,228
K2NCO    9th Place     Marc Ressler       16,195
K3KU       10th Place   Art Boyars           14,937

MDC Clubs:

KI3DS     2nd Place    A.A. R.C. JR     79,443
K3VOA   3rd Place    VOA  ARC        37,440

MDC Mobiles:

KZ3F         2nd Place    Jeff Horlick   10,122
WA3EOP  3rd Place     Page Pyne       8,160


Many thanks too all 99 stations who sent in logs this year. Special thanks to all those kind enough to send a small donation and/or an SASE to W3CWC so this QSO Party may continue in the future.



Some Comments:

Scoring is confusing. County abbreviations also. Had Fun. -K8VFR-

Had a lot of fun under poor conditions. -WA5TRX-

I must remember this next year. Thanks to everyone. -W1END-

I enjoyed the few [MDC contacts] I made. Thanks for a fine party.
QSB was in all day. -VE5BCS-

Very little MDC Activity except for mobile K4MU. -N6MU-

Thanks to all... especially to W3WG for Hartford and to
K4MUT/m. -K9EU-

Good Fun. I learned a lot. Mobile FRD-to-Mobile New Zealand!

I would enjoy seeing qso and mult totals of all participants
in the results besides just total score. -W0BH-
[Ed's note: Take a look at:

I have been doing your contest for the past 2 years. -VE3JPJ-

I have been a ham for 49 years but this is the first time I've
participated in the MDC QP. I had some fun and hope to do it again
next time. -K0RRP-

Entries were up substantially from any year of the modern version
of the fun contest.  Sadly, there were less [MDC] mobiles ...
entered and a lot less MDC VHF-UHF Activity.  Remember, this is an
all band contest and see you in the pileups. -Page, WA3EOP-