2008 Results

Official Results of the 2008 Maryland-DC QSO Party

MDC Top 11 Standard Entries
 1  K3TW     Tom Warren           136,416  Plaque Winner
 2  KE3VV    David Splitt         101,910
 3  N3ALN    Alan Muldawer         27,775
 4  KR3E     Ed Tobias             10,569
 5  KB3RAZ   Charles J Nemec, Jr    9,225
 6  KB3ATI   Brenda Diamond-Rose    8,820
 7  KD3JK    Bob Long               4,704
 8  NG3K     William B. Feidt       3,696
 9  AI3G     Doug Ermer             1,940
10  N3AEA    Ron Tassi                992
11  W3NHR    Jack Willock             679

MDC Clubs
 1  KI3DS    Anne Arundel Radio Club, Jr     32,630  Plaque Winner
 2  W3HAM    Cheese Hollow ARC               16,383
 3  K3SMD    Charles County ARC               6,600

Mobile MDC
 1  K4MUT    Bob McMeekin       53,915  Plaque Winner
 2  W4HSA    James G Sanders     3,000
 3  WA3EOP   Page Pyne           1,890

 1  WB8YYY   Curt Milton        7,378  Plaque Winner
 2  KI4FW/3  Richard Cincotta     354

QRP International Category (Outside MDC)
 1  K9EU     Erik Wm Andersen  11,448  Plaque Winner
 2  W3AG     Joe Matt           1,552
 3  WBØIWG   James Stiles          75

Antietam Radio Association Member Winners
STD      KD3JK    Bob Long            4,704  Plaque Winner
VHF-UHF  K2AVA    Herman Niedzielski    648  Plaque Winner

MDC YL Winner
KB3ATI  Brenda Diamond-Rose    8,820

International Category YL Winner
K8VFR   Rosemarie Robinson       680

International Standard Category Winners
 1  W1END     Eldon Burkinshaw     2,783  Plaque Winner
 2  KJ4AOM    Raymond Cornelison   2,641
 3  W1DWA     Donald D Davis       2,601

Country Certificates
Canada     VE3GXW   George Ward               360
Germany    DLØERF   VFDB-Clubstation Erfurt    72
Lithuania  LY2ZZ    Jonas Paskauskas          488

State Certificates
Alabama          K4ZGB   Tom Hardison            936
Arkansas         AD5WI   W. Mark Gentry          940
Arizona          W7KAM   Richard Palmer            4
DC               KE3VV   David Splitt        101,910
Florida          K4GOP   Dave P Mitchell          11
Georgia          K4BAI   John T Laney III      1,624
  Standard       K9FH    Phil Lejman               1
  QRP            K9EU    Erik Wm Andersen     11,448
Iowa             N9HDE   Scott Scheuerell      1,232
Kentucky         KJ4AOM  Raymond Cornelison    2,641
Maine            AE1EP   Robert Morse              9
Massachusetts    W1DWA   Donald D Davis        2,601
Michigan         K8VFR   Rosemarie Robinson      680
Missouri         NR9A    Jody Odem               156
New Hampshire    W1END   Eldon Burkinshaw      2,793
New Jersey       W2LHL   Hector J Kessel       1,984
New York         NA2X    Bob Rossi             1,309
North Carolina   K4BSK   Earl Brinson            204
Ohio             KB8UEY  Rob Lunsford            186
  QRP            W3AG    Joe Matt              1,552
Rhode Island     W1WIU   James P Greenwood     1,133
Tennessee        WA4JA   John Almon              270
Virginia         W4ZPR   Jackson J Bennett       408
Wisconsin        KC8KIO  Paul Taddey             140


N4KIT - Band conditions pretty bad in SE Virginia.  Couldn't find much activity from Maryland/DC.

N9HDE - It was great working the mobile operators on CW!

VE3GXW - Enjoyed myself but conditions did not seem that great.

KB8UEY - Need to get more MD folks on the air. ... over five hours SSB... Nobody found on PSK. Tried 10, 20, 40, & 80.

KI4FW/3 - I thought that I'd go portable/QRP with some hamsticks and my battery powered IC703...from the top floor of [an] office building in [DC]. I expected to do well from that height. Boy, was I wrong. Propagation was miserable on 20M and worse on 40M — at least for me. I couldn't face going back [on Sunday].

KR3E - Recommended 80m cw freq should be changed from 3.643 to remove it from extra SSB portion of the band.

W3HAM - Ops: W3NHR, W3SPY and WA3EOP. Lost one (new) HF Rig during the contest but our antique station plugged away. Had one 90 minute pileup on 20 Sunday Afternoon. Saturday Conditions poor here.

WA3EOP/M - From only 2 counties this year.

KB3NDS - Not much time to work the contest this year, but I had a great time doing it for a little bit. Thanks again for a fun contest!

N2WN - Wish it could have been more, sounded like there was decent activity.

KB3PXR - We need more 2 Meter Stations.

AI3G - This was my fourth time entering this contest and it gets better every year. Had to stop several times due to the thunderstorms.

NA2X - Lots of QRN and QSB at this end [NY], sure made 80 a tough go. Nice surprise to find short skip on 20M to MD. Thanks for all the contacts, especially to Bob, K4MUT, … great mobile activity and all the MD county multipliers!

K4MUT - Where were all the MDC club stations and mobiles this year? Need to change the 75/80-meter recommended frequencies. Blew up a rig in Baltimore. Had to go home for a replacement, wasting several hours Saturday. Spent hours in QAN waiting to get across the bridge after the truck accident closed it.

WB8YYY - Wow Thanks for sponsoring nice contest. Most of the time my QRP signal got thru. Please no plaque wanted even if more QRP [showed up] in MD.

K3SMD - We had fun!

KE3VV - Not many fixed stations on in Maryland counties. Most surprising QSO was with 4LØA in war-torn Georgia. Really tough band conditions.

W1END - Nice to work W4HSA/M on his way thru MD on Saturday. K4MUT/M provided most of the activity on both days. Thanks to them these are the most qso's for me in this party.

KJ4AOM - Great Contest....Thanks!

K3TW - Activity seemed lower this year, but as always, it was fun to operate in the Maryland-DC QSO Party.

N7BMG - [This was] my first effort at a contest.

W1DWA - I'd nominate K4MUT for Sainthood! Conditions awful - T'storms, etc. Had a good time. Thanks 73, Don

W2LHL - Thunderstorms terrible. Many thanks to K4MUT/M ...

K4BAI - Please change suggested 80M CW frequency to some freq between 3525 - 3600! Thanks.

K9EU - Thought I'd try QRP this year. Thanks to all who copied my weak signal, especially K4MUT/M.

K3UMV - Had fun.