Tech Upgrade Path

Information of interest concerning the old Tech Plus or Tech with HF upgrade paths

In the following on of our VE's will try and clarify problems with Technician licenses and upgrading. 

If you held a tech plus license, The FCC, upon renewal, has been issuing only a license reflecting just a Tech license on it. We suggest keeping any tech plus license you have ever held with a copy, to show you have credit for element 1 when desiring to qualify for an upgrade. You should write the FCC in Gettysburg, if you don't have the older license anymore, to obtain a letter indicating that you have held a tech plus in the past.
If you ever held any old Novice license before 1975, you will have to contact Qualex Co, the contractor for the FCC, and pay a fee for that information.

Here's what the VE guide book has to say on this subject as far as the element credit table goes:

Element Credit Table:

Novice License, current or expired.------ Element 1

Tech Plus also known as Tech w/HF ---- Elements 1 and 2

Tech License (issued before 3/21/87--also known as Tech Plus or Tech w/HF)
(Along with a current Tech license, a CSCE showing proof of element 3 credit issued 
prior to 3/21/87 is also acceptable.) -----  Elements 1, 2, and 3

  Technician License  (issued on or after 3/21/87, but before 2/14/91
 ( also known as Tech plus or Tech w/HF. A CSCE dated within this range 
is also acceptable.) ----- Elements 1 and 2

Expired Technician License (issued before 3/21/87, but presently expired and beyond the two year grace period. Applicant must retest for element 2 before elements 1 and 3 can be issued. (also known as Tech Plus or Tech w/HF.)  -----
  Elements 1 and 3 (only)

Technician License  (issued on or after 2/14/91 ( also known as codeless technician)) ----- Element 2

Technician License  (issued on or after 2/14/91 accompanied by a now expired CSCE showing Morse Code credit earned between February 14, 1991 and June 1994.(also known as Tech Plus or Tech w/HF))  -----  Element 1 and 2

General Class License and above is not being listed here as they are straight forward.

Also if you have an FCC Radio Telegraph license currently valid or has expired within the last 5 years has credit for  -------  Element 1.

courtesy of Joe Lockbaum WA3PTV