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Band Conditions

Bill Freienmuth, W3OIO, now silent key

...an end of an era

Editor’s Note: The following obituary was penned by Karl Freienmuth, AK6SP, Bill’s son; the Antietam Radio Association sends all of our combined sympathies to him and his loved ones – please allow Bill’s story help to inspire you to achieve greatness

Bill Freienmuth, W3OIO, passed away on October 10, 2021 at the age of 101. Born in August of 1920, Bill became interested in the technical aspects of radio while in grade school and began a correspondence course in radio and television while in high school. He built a crystal set and heard news of the Will Rodgers and Wylie Post crash in Alaska when he first powered it up. That was August 15th of 1935 – Bill’s fifteenth birthday.

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Yaeus FT-897D FOR SALE

...owner is asking $800

We may have been a little light on hamfests this year, but the number of radios that have been circulating between us seems to be steady…

Our Secretary, K3WJC, was contacted by a gentleman who would like to sell his recently purchased, lightly used rig; Bill is acting as the go between for now. Up for grabs is a Yaesu FT897D, for which the owner is asking $800. As far as condition, pictures are below. If you are interested, please contact K3WJC (Bill Collins) @ colli020@gmail.com; you may also call his cell (304-676-9391), but please be aware that you will most likely get voice mail. Read more for images.

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