small_ARA_Logo.pngNext ARA meeting held on Zoom
The next ARA meeting is scheduled for January 19, 2021, and will not be held on the 94 repeater, but instead on Zoom. Please click here to read more about how to prepare. 

Zoom, Zoom!


The ARA will hold the activities meeting for January (January 19, 2021) within the digital walls of Zoom. We hope that EVERYONE will join in one way or another to help us test this new tool. Please note: During this Zoom meeting there will be no OTA equivalent on the 94 repeater. 

Gary DePalma spearheaded the mission to create an account for the ARA, and to figure out the details. Below are some quick tips for logging onto the meeting using the best option for you.  Nothing is set in stone. Things are still in flux. Learn how to join a Zoom meeting. Stay tuned for an an article containing required login info.


50' Tower Available - Price of Removal


50' telescoping tower consisting of three 20' sections that nest inside of each other; free to a good home.

Some of the tower is not visible (it is covered with leaves and stuck to the ground), but the visible portion of thetwoer, the cable, and winch all look in good condition, with minor rust stains only. The tower is galvanized steel with Z bar reinforcing. 

A New Net for New Hams


Attention all new hams:

A new amateur radio net just for you!


Beginning January 7, 2021, the Antietam Radio Association will begin a new 2-meter amateur radio net aimed squarely at the newly licensed amateurs, or those who would like a fun, safe place to practice their amateur radio skills, while helping your fellow amateurs, too. The schedule may change, but currently this net will meet on the:

First and third Thursdays of each month at 20:00 (8PM) local time. On the first Thursday the meeting takes place on the 146.94 repeater, while the third Thursday of the month the net is held on the 147.09 repeater. This allows amateurs to check out the different repeaters, and to test which works best for their particular setup.  

The ARA "nets" page will soon by updaetd with the new net, as well as a few other resources, hopefully be the end of the weekend.