2019-2020 Upcoming ARA Election

The 2019-2020 Officer elections are slated for the first meeting in May, which this year is May 7th. The folowing nominees are:
OFFICERS:                                   BOARD OF DIRECTORS:       
President:      Bob Long, KD3JK             Nelson Sollenberger, KA2C                             
Vice President: Herman N, K2AVA             Karin Christenson, KB3GFV
Treasurer:      Tim Keener, N3VGS           Pat Goodrich, KB3YSV
Activities Dir: OPEN                        Brian Umbrell, W3PDW (new)
Secretary:      Bill Collins, K3WJC
The elections are coming up at the next meeting, May 7, 2019; we currently have the above members who have been nominated for roles within the ARA. As indicated above, we are missing the position of Activities Director. As before the Hamfest, we're still completely missing competition for the roles of Preseident, VP, Treasurer, and Secretary. There is still time to nominate a fellow member for one of the officerships, or if you're feeling froggy, nominate yourself! 

Dinner's Over; Now Let's get to Work!


The 2018 Antietam Radio Association annual Christmas dinner was held on Saturday, December 15th at the Western Sizzlin' Restaurant in Hagerstown, MD. There were approximately 48 members and guests in attendance during the event, who had their pick of al a carte items, their famous buffet, or both. I, particularly, looked forward to, and later devoured my 24 ounce "Cowboy Cut" T-Bone. Yum!

Before introducing Marty Pittinger (MDC Section Manager), President Bob Long (KD3JK) requested a moment of silence as we recognized several hams who became Silent Keys during 2018.  Marty talked to us about his time during and after hurricanes Maria and Harvey (Summer/Fall 2017), and what we can do to ensure that we are as prepared as possible to assist our own communities when disaster strikes our own regions. 

2018 Christmas Dinner


Announcing the 2018 Antietam Radio Association Christmas Dinner !!

We will meet once again this year at the Western Sizzlin' Steakhouse for some good food and fellowship (see details below).  Spouses and guests are welcome.  We expect to have a guest speaker as well, which will be announced closer to the date.