ARRL Field Day results available (full report to soon follow)!          


8/6 (Tues) - ARA Meeting; August 6th,  7PM

8/31-9/2 (Sat-Mon) - Hiram Percy Maxim SPECIAL EVENT sponsored by Antietam Radio Assn!

Club Officers

2019-2020 Club Officers

Elected Officers

President: Bob Long, KD3JK  
Vice President: Herman NiedzIelski, K2AVA
Treasurer: Tim Keener, N3VGS
Secretary: William Collins, K3WJC
Activities: This position is currently open

Board of Directors

Nelson Sollenberger, KA2C
Patrick Goodrich, KB3YSV
Karin Christensen, KB3GFV


Hamfest Chairman:  Currently open
Public Information Officer: Gary Laing, W3GTL
QRN Lite Editor: William Collins, K3WJC
Club Historian: William Collins, K3WJC
VE Coordinator: Brian Umbrell, W3PDW 
Emergency Communications: Butch Eigenbrode, NI2W
Repeater Committee: Chair: Mike Myers, K3DO; Members: Gary Depalma, AC3NE; Bill Drager, K3UMV; Butch Eigenbrode, NI2W; Milt Engle, N3LTQ;  Dave Iseminger, KB3ISI; Bob Long, KD3JK; Herman Niedzielski, K2AVA; John Smith, W3SPY; Jack Willock, W3NHR.     
Asset Manager: Gary DePalma, AC8NE
Website: William Collins, K3WJC; Scott Petty, KC3FDA; Tori Myers, AB3BE
Club Trustee: Butch Eigenbrode, NI2W
Resident Agent: William Collins, K3WJC