If anyone took pictures during the 2019 Great Hagerstown Hamfest, the Winlink 2000 training event, or any other ARA event, please email them to with the subject line of "ARA Photos". We will soon have a place within the site for you to upload your photos, as well as cloud-based photo storage.

Club Officers

2019-2020 Club Officers

Elected Officers

President: Bob Long, KD3JK  
Vice President: Herman NiedzIelski, K2AVA
Treasurer: Tim Keener, N3VGS
Secretary: William Collins, K3WJC
Activities: This position is currently open

Board of Directors

Nelson Sollenberger, KA2C
Patrick Goodrich, KB3YSV
Karin Christensen, KB3GFV


Hamfest Chairman:  Currently open
Public Information Officer: Gary Laing, W3GTL
QRN Lite Editor: William Collins, K3WJC
Club Historian: William Collins, K3WJC
VE Coordinator: Brian Umbrell, W3PDW 
Emergency Communications: Butch Eigenbrode, NI2W
Repeater Committee: Chair: Mike Myers, K3DO; Members: Gary Depalma, AC3NE; Bill Drager, K3UMV; Butch Eigenbrode, NI2W; Milt Engle, N3LTQ;  Dave Iseminger, KB3ISI; Bob Long, KD3JK; Herman Niedzielski, K2AVA; John Smith, W3SPY; Jack Willock, W3NHR.     
Asset Manager: Gary DePalma, AC8NE
Website: William Collins, K3WJC; Scott Petty, KC3FDA; Tori Myers, AB3BE
Club Trustee: Butch Eigenbrode, NI2W
Resident Agent: William Collins, K3WJC