If anyone took pictures during the 2019 Great Hagerstown Hamfest, the Winlink 2000 training event, or any other ARA event, please email them to with the subject line of "ARA Photos". We will soon have a place within the site for you to upload your photos, as well as cloud-based photo storage.

Nets - Repeaters

Nets - Repeaters
Antietam Radio Association, ARA
Club Nets / Repeater Frequencies

Thursday evening (the last Thursday of each month)
7:00 PM on 146.940 - (PL100)
7:30 PM on 447.975 -(PL100) System Fusion Digital


The Four State Net
Wednesday evenings (Weekly)
8:00 PM on 147.090 + (PL100)

Repeater Frequencies:
146.940 - (PL 100) (W3CWC)
  147.090 + (PL 100) (W3CWC)
147.375 + (No PL Tone) (K3UMV)

 447.975 -  (PL 100) (W3CWC)
( this repeater is sponsored jointly with the Cheese Hollow ARS. )

Other Local Nets

Jefferson County ARES NET
Sundays evenings
147.255 + pl/123.0
WB8YZV repeater