November Monthly Breakfast Cancelled 

In response to the latest Covid-19 news, the ARA determined that it was prudent to cancel the traditional monthly breakfast.

December's breakfast fate has not yet been determined.

Nets - Repeaters

Repeater Frequencies:

Antietam Radio Association, ARA

146.940 -  600Khz (PL tone 100.0) (W3CWC)

147.090 + 600Khz (PL tone 100.0) (W3CWC)

147.375 + 600Khz (No PL tone)     (K3UMV)

447.975  - 600Khz (PL 100.0) (W3CWC) -this repeater is sponsored jointly with the Cheese Hollow ARS.)

ARA-Hosted Nets:


Thursday evening (the last Thursday of each month)

7:00 PM on 146.940 - (PL100)

7:30 PM on 447.975 -(PL100) System Fusion Digital

The Four State Net

Wednesday evenings (Weekly)

8:00 PM on 147.090 + (PL tone 100.0)

Other Local Nets

Jefferson County ARES NET

Sundays evenings

147.255 + pl/123.0

WB8YZV repeater