small_ARA_Logo.pngMonthly Breakast -- Saturday February 27, 9AM:t As of this writing, the monthly breakfast will be held at the regular venue. Click here for more information
Next ARA meeting (March 2, 2021) OTA 
The next ARA meeting is scheduled for March 2, 2021, and will be held over the air. Repeater 146.94, PL 100

ARA Monthly Breakfast


Status for February 2021 breakfast: as scheduled (9.00A)

Please attend the February monthly breakfast, held at the Raliroad Junction; All Covid-19 social distancing and other requirements are in play. The ARA missed quite a few breakfasts in 2021: Currently, Bob, KD3JK, is working with our venue, Railroad Junction, on a month to month basis. We are hoping that with a little planning and caution, everyone will have a great time, meet their fellow cub members, and be safe. 


Saturday, February 27, 2021 - 09:00

Rewording of Bylaw Amendment

During the ARA meeting of February 16, 2021, a motion was made and passed to publish the rewording of the newest version. Mike, KB7THL, suggested that we add the concept of "regularly scheduled" as well as those called by the President; Bill, K3WJC proposed that we try and make the portion about "proper voting procedures" less ambiguous.

The re-worded proposal is below:
ARA Bylaws
Article V – Meetings of Members

Section 8. Meeting Access

ARRL Field Day


COVID-19 Related information: We are currently determining how the club will handle 2021 Field Day in the extended midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Expect more information in the coming weeks -- this page will be updated as things progress.





Setup: Begins at 9:00 AM Saturday
On-air operations: 2:00 PM Saturday - 2:00 PM Sunday, around the clock.
Pot Luck Dinner Saturday -- We are yet unsure as to what kinds of food may (or may not) be available, or when
Teardown: 2:00 PM Sunday
Saturday, June 26, 2021 - 14:00 to Sunday, June 27, 2021 - 14:00

Amateur Radio (Ham) Study Options


This content was born from an effort to help a new ham that had reached out. This request spawned me to work on the ARA site, and maybe put a list of different options that I had used or was already familiar (W5YI.ORG, ARRL.ORG, and KB6NU.COM), or that I found on the  Internet. Personally, I really like KB6NU's books -- very helpful through my last two examinations (Tech and General); I just recently purchased the Extra edition.

50' Tower Available - Price of Removal and Cleanup


50' telescoping tower consisting of three 20' sections that nest inside of each other; free to a good home. A little moderate clean-up of the current antenna site would be most appreciated. 

Some of the tower is not visible (it is covered with leaves and stuck to the ground), but the visible portion of thetwoer, the cable, and winch all look in good condition, with minor rust stains only. The tower is galvanized steel with Z bar reinforcing. Please contact W3NHR, Jack Willock by either e-mail (Willhag@Juno.Com) or phone (301-797-9049). 

A New Net for New Hams


Attention all new hams:

A new amateur radio net just for you!


Beginning January 7, 2021, the Antietam Radio Association will begin a new 2-meter amateur radio net aimed squarely at the newly licensed amateurs, or those who would like a fun, safe place to practice their amateur radio skills, while helping your fellow amateurs, too. The schedule may change, but currently this net will meet on the:

First and third Thursdays of each month at 20:00 (8PM) local time. On the first Thursday the meeting takes place on the 146.94 repeater, while the third Thursday of the month the net is held on the 147.09 repeater. This allows amateurs to check out the different repeaters, and to test which works best for their particular setup.  

The ARA "nets" page will soon by updaetd with the new net, as well as a few other resources, hopefully be the end of the weekend.