Dinner's Over; Now Let's get to Work!


The 2018 Antietam Radio Association annual Christmas dinner was held on Saturday, December 15th at the Western Sizzlin' Restaurant in Hagerstown, MD. There were approximately 48 members and guests in attendance during the event, who had their pick of al a carte items, their famous buffet, or both. I, particularly, looked forward to, and later devoured my 24 ounce "Cowboy Cut" T-Bone. Yum!

Before introducing Marty Pittinger (MDC Section Manager), President Bob Long (KD3JK) requested a moment of silence as we recognized several hams who became Silent Keys during 2018.  Marty talked to us about his time during and after hurricanes Maria and Harvey (Summer/Fall 2017), and what we can do to ensure that we are as prepared as possible to assist our own communities when disaster strikes our own regions. 

Preparedness is something I need to take a little more seriously, I know; I also know that being prepared comes in many different flavors -- and the event that is drawing close is the 2019 Great Hagerstown Hamest, which takes place only a scant few months from now! Steve Struharik is taking on the role of Hamfest Chairman this year, and he is looking for volunteers, including, but not limited to:

  • Ticket Takers
  • Food Prep/Sale 
  • Setup
  • Tear down
  • PR/Communications
  • Obtaining vendors, speakers
  • and others that are still being explored

As always, please download and print new editions of the ARA Hamfest flyer as soon as it is published (which should be in the first half of January) to take to other Hamfests or other event where you feel the audience may be interested in attending. We'll be looking for many volunteers for this this year's Hamfest; to assist you can contact Steve (struhariks@gmail.com) or me (colli020@gmail.com) directly. We will get you matched to a role as quickly as possible; if you already understand the way in which the Hamfest operates and would like to volunteer for a specific role, let us know and we will pencil you in for that position. New this year will be a shared email address that will soon be deployed; it is felt that a single point of contact will help to ensure the appropriate people answer and questions ASAP. I plan on having the mailbox and the associated email address up and running by the end the first weekend in January (1/6/19).