Per unaminous vote, ARA membership agrees that the July Business Meeting (July 7) will be OTA, repeater 146.940, PL 100, June 16, 7PM. Click here for WebEx credentials, or click here to see a timeline.

May Business Meeting (COVID-19 AFFECTED)


Due to Covid-19, meeting will be held over-the-air (OTA) as a net (146.94); backups of Webex and Zello. Read for details.


In reality, it hasn't been that long since we had our last in person meeting, but it seems like it's been forever!  At least, that's the way things seems to me (Bill, K3WJC). In mid-March, ARA president Bob Long cancelled the regular meeting held at St John's Lutheran Church, and called an emergency, over the air (OTA) Executive Board meeting for March 17, 2020 on the 146.94 repeater. During that meeting, the Executive Board voted to cancel the May 2020 Hamfest, and to hold the April business meeting and subsequent meetings over the air and possibly on other venues until such time as certain restrictions/guideliens are lifted. We held out election OTA, and elected a new slate of officers and directors. also talked about the upcoming elections, and how we were going to handle the voting process. Several members raised a very valid point that there are members in good standing who may not be able to hit the 146.940 repeater from their home. This article is my attempt at compiling what we, the members of the ARA, determined to be the most fair and just practices as to how to proceed with the upcoming meetings and annual election. 

  • After a few weeks of lively discussion as to how we plan to proceed with future meetings, Mike Stern made a motion that only those members who have been checked in at the meeting are eligible to vote. The motion was seconded by Steve, WA8EIH, and passed by the membership. read on for more details about Webex, Zello, voting, and other important topics. 
  • Karin Christensen hosted a Webex meeting on April 21, and will again on May 5, 2020. Webex is intended as a backup to the over the air meeting, not as a replacement. There were a few hiccups for some members not as comfortable with Webex, so we have a detailed set of instructions from the Webex website. I am hopeful that interested users will have a few days to work out how to login to the meeting. For those who are not able to hit the repeater, and have difficulties signing into the Webex meeting via computer, you may use your phone to dial in to the Webex portion of the meeting to check-in. Any Webex users will be handled as a subnet of the OTA net. Because we are an open organization that is open to all, the credentials are included.
Join The Event (Info will be published as soon as available)
Host: Karin Christensen
Event number (access code): (Info will be published as soon as available)
Event password: (Info will be published as soon as available)
Join the audio conference only - 415-527-5035 (Long Distance charges may apply)
  • If you are not able to sign into Webex via your computer, dial-in to Webex via your phone, or cannot hit the the repeater, a backup to Webex is Zello, which I will be monitoring. Zello can be downloaded to an Android or iPhone device. You will have to create an account, which is free. Zello is a leading Push-to-talk app that uses your Wi-Fi or mobile data to transmit your voice over the Internet, which is transmitted to listening stations on the same channel. The Antietam Radio Association has created a channel on the service. Any Zello checkins will also be treated as a subnet of the OTA net. Here's how:

1. Download and install the app onto your smartphoneSign-In to the app
2. Tap on ADD CHANNEL in the lower right (blue circle with + sign)
4. Enter "Antietam" and press the search icon (Magnifying Glass)
5. When "Antietam Radio Assn" shows up, tap
6. Tap "+ ADD" in the upper right hand corner
7. The Antietam Radio Assn Channel is now ready for use
8. Go to "" for more detailed instruction on how to use.
Tuesday, May 5, 2020 - 19:00 to 21:00