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Next ARA meeting held on Zoom
The next ARA meeting is scheduled for January 19, 2021, and will not be held on the 94 repeater, but instead on Zoom. Please click here to read more about how to prepare. 

Antietam Radio Association's Response to the COVID-19 Crisis

Part V

September 1, 2020

Webex is again available. See credentials below

Event number (access code): 199 078 1734

Event password: 767X8Kie7Vv

Join the meeting

Part IV

Meeting OTA instead of in-person per unamous vote my attendees of June 16 OTA meeting. Webex will be available for this meeting. Credentials are below:

Event number (access code): 199 957 8643

Event password: 5tmUrWW9ZZ2

Part III

Update: During the June 2nd meeting the club voted as to whether or not to hold the next June 16 meeting in person, or to again hold it over the air as we have done for the past few months. The overall concensus was that we hold the meeting at St. John's in Gettysburg Hall, as is our regular practice. 

As time moved forward toward the 16th of June, the Executive Committee got together and re-thought our position on the earlier decision. We all admitted that we thought that the State and the virus would be further along. Maryland just entered Phase Two, so it was determined that we would certainly hit the maximum of 10 people during this meeting. We also thought about the future, and how high the attendance was during an OTA meeting in comparison to those meetings held in person. Usual attendance at an in-person meeting has been as low as a few people, to as high as about 30, with an average of about 18 attendees. In comparison, the attendance has not dropped below ~25y, and during the last two meetings almost hit 40!

A majority of the Executive Committee voted to hold the June 16 meeting OTA on the 146.94 repeater, PL 100. Karin (KB3GFV) also plans to hold a WEBEX session; credentials will be emailed to the membership, and posted on the website when available.

This news has been prominently posted to the ARA website, and we will soon send a similar message via an email blast. 

Part II

UPDATE: In response to concerns from several members that there are members who are unable to hit the repeater form their home QTH we are trying something a little different today. We understand that while not illegal, leaving the house to drive to a nearby location where hitting the repeater is possible may not be the best solution under these circumstances, so Karin Christenen (KB3GFV) will be hosting a Webex meeting for those who would like to join in. This is a first attempt at joining a Webex and OTA meeting. 

A good number of you may have already gotten an email invitation from "" This email provides you with all of the details required to join into the Webex meeting if you are not able to hit the repeater -- or just because.  You may also receive a general email from the ARA that includes the same details. We are not replacing the Over The Air (OTA) meeting with the Webex meeting. The Webex meeting is a BACKUP to the OTA meeting for those who are unable to hit the repeater. 

The OTA meeting will be held as scheduled: Tuesday, April 21, 20202 at 1900 EDT. Repeater 146.940, PL tones of 100.

We are hoping that this test works well enough to allow people to check in to the meeting, and thereby be eligible to vote during the election, as well as for the future. With that said, please try the repeater first, as I repeat...the Webex meeting is a backup to the regular net meeting.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020 7:00 pm, Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)

Join the audio conference only by calling 1-415-527-5035. For those of you who use a land line for this call, this is a toll call.

Those of you who would like to log in to the meeting for audio and possibly video, you may click the JOIN EVENT button found in an email you should have received. If you did not receive that email, you may click this link:

The Event number (access code) is: 904 214 018
The Event password is: urM3jaE8Mh6


Part I of an undoubtedly multi-part series

The COVID-19 phenomenom that we are, unfortunately, all sharng is much different than most other things most of us have ever experienced. The virus seems to spread very rapidly without the need for direct contact. Local, county, state and federal governments, as well as the CDC, all began to -- almost in unison and with remarkable speed -- strongly recommend quauratining when you do not feel well, keeping your distance from others to ensure you did not pick up the virus (or if you happen to be a carrier, unknowlingly pass it on to others) and working from home. It was quite amazing or me how our reactions to the virus seemed to change on a dime! Initially, not that worried, but maybe concerned, to now -- well... The numbers of those infected were (and still are) getting scary high!   

Like many other organizations and businesses, Antietam Radio Association found itself knee-deep in many decisions. Many of the members/officers had their own thoughts as to what to do about the hamfest, Field Day, and many related things. I am going to start my timeline about the second week of March, 2020. We were all wondering what effect the virus spread would have on the ARA's Great Hagerstown Hamfest, and whether we should cancel the Hamfest, postpone it, or continue business as usual and see how things played out.  It was a very good question, and there was a lot of thought put into it. This was definutely going to be the main topic at our next meeting, only a few day away. That is until, on March 12, 2020, Gov. Hogan changed the entire scope of our decision-making process. 

ARA President, Bob Long (KD3JK), suggested that, since St. John's Church was closed for the time being, instead of skipping the Activities Meeting that usually takes place on the second meeting of the month, we instead have a meeting on the air at 7P, Tuesday, March 17.


The meeting ran very smoothly; because we were unsure as to whether or not the on-air meeting would be considered "official," Bob ran the meeting under authority of an emergency Executive Committee meeting. 

During this meeting we deliberated on several things, as outlined below:


There were about 23 participants who checked into the net, of which seven of those were board members (six board members are required to hold a vote). After some discussion the Executive Board decided that, because the bylaws and constitution make no mention about on-air or other electronically-held meetings, that in the future we will hold regular on-air meetings for as long as necessary. On-air meetings fall under the same guidleines and procedures as physical meetings, other than not to discuss confidential or financial information during during on-air meetings.

Some members thought we should amend the current ARA bylaws/constitution to include on-air meetings, but after some thoughtful debate, it was decided that the bylaws as currently written cover any electronic meetings (an announced specifc time and place). There is no mention of physical location, nor that the meeting must be in person. Further, amending the bylaws in and of itself requires at lease two meetings; you can see what kind of beautiful Catch-22 situation we could incur. 

Because large gathering are not pemitted at this time, the next ARA meeting will be held on the first Tuesday of April at 7PM.


Many of the members and officers tried in vain to weigh the pros and cons of holding, cancelling, or postponing the Hamfest. Regretably, but thankfully, Governor Hogan made it simple, though still far from easy. NO ONE wanted to cancel the Great Hagerstown Hamfest. NO ONE! But cancelled we did. Tha Board voted that, regardless of what might happen in the next few weeks, the Hamfest of May 2, 2020 is cancelled. Bob held a second vote as to whether to attempt to reschedule for a later date (Fall or later) this year. The vote for a Hamfest at a later date was approved, but no date was attached. A later Hamfest also depends on what dates are available.

During the meeting, Tim (N3VGS), said that the County will void the contract for May 2, and will work with us to try and ensure that we do not see a loss from this extraordinary event that is unfolding before us. I am sure there will be a plethora of new developments as time passes -- stay tuned!


The Antieta Radio Associatin Annual Officer Elections annual elections are upcoming, held during the May business meeting (first meeting). Officers are installed suring the June business meeting. 

The way in which we hold elections is stipulated in the bylaws/Constition, meaning we are not permitted to the current officers' posts; because we took the time to hammer out the validity of regular meetings on the air, the elections will be held on schedule. We will follow the same procedures as for a physical meeting: 

1) Must be present (checked into the net) to vote
2) Must be in good standing (paid  2020 dues) to vote
3) Must vote by email (simialr to when we hand out ballots at a physical meeting; ballot must be returned (replied to) by 23:59 the end of the weekend (Sunday).

Several members brought up issues that something may hamper members from hitting the repeater, and this is true. Others thought that we could send out a ballot to all paying members. Both are valid, and both may deserve further investigation, but those and other issues are for another time. The ARA currently does not send out ballots to all paying members, only those who attend the meeting vote. A quorum of 15% is required, or no vote may take place.    


During this meeting we very briefly touched upon Field Day, and decided a wait-and-see approach is appropriate. It is very possible that Field Day may be held in our own backyards this year.

I hope that this helps answer some of your questions about how the ARA is responding to the pandemic. While it is not business as usual, we are trying to ensure it is as close to BAU as we can get. Plus, we are a radio club, after all!  I am sure that more will be posted as things unflod. Stay Tuned!