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Next ARA meeting held on Zoom
The next ARA meeting is scheduled for January 19, 2021, and will not be held on the 94 repeater, but instead on Zoom. Please click here to read more about how to prepare. 

OTA Meeting 4/21/20 @ 7PM

In response to concerns from several members that there are members who are unable to hit the repeater form their home QTH we are trying something a little different today. We understand that while not illegal, leaving the house to drive to a nearby location where hitting the repeater is possible may not be the best solution under these circumstances, so Karin Christenen (KB3GFV) will be hosting a Webex meeting for those who would like to join in. This is a first attempt at joining a Webex and OTA meeting. 

A good number of you may have already gotten an email invitation from "" This email provides you with all of the details required to join into the Webex meeting if you are not able to hit the repeater -- or just because.  You may also receive a general email from the ARA that includes the same details. We are not replacing the Over The Air (OTA) meeting with the Webex meeting. The Webex meeting is a BACKUP to the OTA meeting for those who are unable to hit the repeater. 

The OTA meeting will be held as scheduled: Tuesday, April 21, 20202 at 1900 EDT. Repeater 146.940, PL tones of 100.

A couple of WEBEX Tech Tips (from Karin): 

If it's the first time [for the user in] accessing webex, the [user is] prompted for a small install, ... quick and painless.  After [that], ... click the link ... brings them to a landing page where they can input their name, event number and/or password.   HOWEVER, sometimes these name/event/pw input boxes are shoved way off to the right... It's also a white on white background so not intuitive.  [Look for the] horizontal scroll bar at the bottom [so you can] scroll ... right ... [EDITOR NOTE: Karin is planning on sending an email with the best way to navigate this situation this evening].

WebEx prefers the following browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox 52 and later is fully supported in Windows.
  • Chrome latest 32-bit/64-bit
  • Internet Explorer 11 (32-bit/64-bit)
  • Microsoft Edge browser is supported only for starting and joining meetings (not necessarily hosting/presenting) 

We are hoping that this test works well enough to allow people to check in to the meeting, and thereby be eligible to vote during the election, as well as for the future. With that said, please try the repeater first, as I repeat...the Webex meeting is a backup to the regular net meeting.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020 7:00 pm, Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)

Join the audio conference only by calling 1-415-527-5035. For those of you who use a land line for this call, this is a toll call.

Those of you who would like to log in to the meeting for audio and possibly video, you may click the JOIN EVENT button found in an email you should have received. If you did not receive that email, you may click this link:

The Event number (access code) is: 904 214 018
The Event password is: urM3jaE8Mh6