During the last meeting the membership voted to replace the Christmas Dinner with an October picnic. Similarly to the way we replace the second meeting with the Christmas Dinner, the picnic will replace the first meeting. For more detailed about the upcoming event, click here.

UPDATE -- FINAL Results of 2020-2021 Officer Elections


UPDATE 3!! -- Voting Results/Summaries

Director Tie Breaker Results (Pat and Jamie)

Initial Director Results

President Results

Vice President Results

Treasurer Results

Secretary Results

Activities Director Results


As of 6:00 PM this evening, voting for the tie breaker for the remaining Director position was settled. With 93.5% of those receiving a ballot, I can now call the race between Jamie and Pat. THis was a very long, hard fought race to the finish for both candidates, and I congratulate both of you on a job well done! The person who will join Nelson and Karin as a director of the ARA Executive Board is (drum roll, please..........)



medium_00-Dir-Crop-Jamie.jpg Congratulations Jamie! 

Pat, on behalf of the ARA, I would like to thank you for all of the hard work you've put in as Director over the years. Jamie, we all wish you the best of luck on your endeavor. 

In the very near future I will post a summary of all of the election results -- should be this evening or tomorrow morning.

Again, congrats, Jamie!!





As of 9:00 PM Sunday evening, Nelson and Karin each have won a DIrectorship for the term 2020-2021. Pat and Jamie, however, are still tied at 18 votes each. The extended voting period will end at midnight tonigght. Should the tie still exist at 12:01 this morning, I will send out a tie-breaker ballot for you to re-vote for either Pat Goodrich, KB3YSV or Jamie Garrett, AC3BT. The polls for tie-breaker election will close at Tuesday, May 19, 2020. I am in the hopes that the tie will be broken and a winner selected, so that we can proceed with announcing all of the winners at the next over the air meeting. 

For the position of Director, two of the three winning candidates are:


Nelson, KA2C

26 Votes


Karin, KB3GFV

24 Votes









The 2020-2021 incoming officers have been tabulated (well, all officers ran uncontested, soooo....), and the new officer are as follows:



Butch, President

29 Votes

medium_Picture 11.jpg

Herm, VP

28 Votes



Tim, Treasurer

29 Votes


Bill, Secretary

29 Votes




Steve, Activities Dir.

29 Votes


















As soon as the voting is over tonight, I will post an analysis of the votes for each position.