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50' Tower Available - Price of Removal


50' telescoping tower consisting of three 20' sections that nest inside of each other; free to a good home.

Some of the tower is not visible (it is covered with leaves and stuck to the ground), but the visible portion of thetwoer, the cable, and winch all look in good condition, with minor rust stains only. The tower is galvanized steel with Z bar reinforcing. 

The base has cast ears that could be used for a tilt over installation. There appears to be a rotor base and short section of mast at the top.  The side of the tower that is not visible (covered with leaves and stuck to the ground) may be in poorer condition.

This could be an opportunity for someone to acquire a telescoping, tilt over tower for the cost of removal and cleanup. The tower is currently in a hoirizontal position with one side stuck to the ground - a digging bar or stout lumber lever would be needed. 

It is accessible from an alley in the rear of 236 East Irvin Avenue in the north end of Hagerstown.  Please coordinate with W3NHR about removal.