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Next ARA meeting (March 2, 2021) OTA 
The next ARA meeting is scheduled for March 2, 2021, and will be held over the air. Repeater 146.94, PL 100

Rewording of Bylaw Amendment

During the ARA meeting of February 16, 2021, a motion was made and passed to publish the rewording of the newest version. Mike, KB7THL, suggested that we add the concept of "regularly scheduled" as well as those called by the President; Bill, K3WJC proposed that we try and make the portion about "proper voting procedures" less ambiguous.

The re-worded proposal is below:
ARA Bylaws
Article V – Meetings of Members

Section 8. Meeting Access

C. All meetings (regularly scheduled or called by the President) are considered legal meetings, regardless of meeting format. In person, video conference, over the air, or other meeting formats are equal in stature, each providing proper voting procedure. Any business conducted at any meeting shall be binding.

The original amendment may be found here. 

Please review for discussion at the next scheduled ARA on-the-air meeting, scheduled March 2nd, on the 146.94 repeater.