Fold over Tower/Accessories for sale

Moving Sale Ham Items - if interested, contact N3PMN by email or telephone 301-992-7291

1. 40 foot fold over tower (American) with 10' mast at top, erecting pole with steel base plate, winch for cranking up, rotor plate at top  $250
2. 2 meter/440 Comet vertical  $20
3. Two CDE Transmit/Receive Direction Controls with 8 lead cable  $100
4. One Ham IV rotor  $200

Ham Items for FREE!

On the 4 States Net this evening Peter N7BMG said that he has the following items available he is giving away for free

  • 2 Hewlett Packard power supplies 12 V 100A
  • 6 element 6 meter beam
  • 8 ft diameter satellite dish

Anyone interested should contact Peter at

OTA Meeting 4/21/20 @ 7PM

In response to concerns from several members that there are members who are unable to hit the repeater form their home QTH we are trying something a little different today. We understand that while not illegal, leaving the house to drive to a nearby location where hitting the repeater is possible may not be the best solution under these circumstances, so Karin Christenen (KB3GFV) will be hosting a Webex meeting for those who would like to join in. This is a first attempt at joining a Webex and OTA meeting. 

A good number of you may have already gotten an email invitation from "" This email provides you with all of the details required to join into the Webex meeting if you are not able to hit the repeater -- or just because.  You may also receive a general email from the ARA that includes the same details. We are not replacing the Over The Air (OTA) meeting with the Webex meeting. The Webex meeting is a BACKUP to the OTA meeting for those who are unable to hit the repeater. 

The OTA meeting will be held as scheduled: Tuesday, April 21, 20202 at 1900 EDT. Repeater 146.940, PL tones of 100.