November Monthly Breakfast Cancelled 

In response to the latest Covid-19 news, the ARA determined that it was prudent to cancel the traditional monthly breakfast.

December's breakfast fate has not yet been determined.

Field Day Antenna Placement and Config


Nelson, KA2C, one of the Directors of the ARA, took a lot of time and effort in testing antenna placement, and multiple antenna configurations in order to make this coming Field Day one of the most spectacular in memory. Then, Covid-16 (a novel coronavirus) struck the world! ARRL will still be holding Field Day, but it really depends on quite a few things as to how the Antietam Radio Association will hold their Field Day 2020. In the mean time, Nelson was kind enough to send all of his articles for inclusion on the ARA website.  I currently have links that will open the files in a new tab/window, which you can choose to download onto your hard drive for offline viewing. As time permits, I plan on emedding those files into the website, as well as having them as one ZIP file for direct download.  

FD antennas.pdf

ARA Field Day antenna plan 2020.pdf

Three Cluster Field Day Antenna System Measurements and Findings.pdf

Managing Field Day Interstation Interference by Antenna Configuration.pdf

A Trap Dipole For 80-40-20-15-10 Meters For Field Day.pdf

A Wide Spaced Fan Inverted Vee For 80-40-20 Meters For Field Day.pdf

Vertical antennas for Field Day.pdf

Inter-Station Interference Fiilters For Field Day.pdf



May Business Meeting







The club meets the first and third Tuesday of each month, and are held in the Educational Building Auditorium, 2nd Floor building behind St. John's Lutheran Church in the 141 South Potomac Street in Hagerstown.

Tuesday, May 4, 2021 - 19:00 to 21:00

Fold over Tower/Accessories for sale

Moving Sale Ham Items - if interested, contact N3PMN by email or telephone 301-992-7291

1. 40 foot fold over tower (American) with 10' mast at top, erecting pole with steel base plate, winch for cranking up, rotor plate at top  $250
2. 2 meter/440 Comet vertical  $20
3. Two CDE Transmit/Receive Direction Controls with 8 lead cable  $100
4. One Ham IV rotor  $200

Ham Items for FREE!

On the 4 States Net this evening Peter N7BMG said that he has the following items available he is giving away for free

  • 2 Hewlett Packard power supplies 12 V 100A
  • 6 element 6 meter beam
  • 8 ft diameter satellite dish

Anyone interested should contact Peter at