Welcome to Field Day 2023

The ARA will follow the highly successful setup procedures that we first tested in 2021, and followed again last year (2022); we setup the antennas Friday at a more leisurely pace. That was a change from the more traditional Saturday morning full setups.

Beginning the setup on Friday provided much needed time for testing, reconfiguring, and re-testing throughout the day – followed by a final round of tweaking and radio setup Saturday morning.

We are planning to use the conduit that the Ruritan installed during their buid-out a few years ago, which seemed to work relatively well last year for running power cables. Our aim is to completely eliminate any cables from running over the road’s surface.

Friday’s setup begins June 23 (exact start time will be added soon); Saturday setup begins June 24 at 9.

There is more to be sorted out at the next meeting, so please check back…

CLICK HERE for the official rules and ARRL operating procedures for Field Day 2023.