Welcome to Field Day 2022

The ARA will follow the highly successful setup procedures that we first tested last year (2021); we setup the antennas Friday at a little more leisurely pace. The schedule change (from traditional Saturday morning setups) provided much needed time for testing, reconfiguring, and re-testing throughout the day – followed by a final round of tweaking and radio setup Saturday morning.

During the build-out of the Ruritan’s new building, completed in mid-2021, we were fortunate that they had added an underground cable conduit in their building plans. We plan to use the new conduit for the first time this year to run the power cables, hopefully eliminating cables running over the road’s surface.

New this year are several filters that we’ve recently purchased to help reduce interference between stations even further.

We will begin setup on Friday, June 24 at 9A; Saturday setup begins at 9A.

Saturday’s dinner is scheduled for 5P, but is not set in stone. It may be a bit earlier/later, depending on members' needs and desires. The club will provide:

  • Fried Chicken
  • Mac and Cheese
  • Baked Beans
  • Potato Salad
  • Cole Slaw
  • Disposable plates, cups, napkins, etc…
  • Members may bring whatever other items they choose to help supplement – Desserts, snacks, cookies, cake/pie, etc… are welcome and appreciated! Those items that do not require refrigeration are best suited for this application.

Throughout the day the ARA will also provide:

  • Water
  • Sodas of assorted varieties
  • Ice

Steve, WA8EIH, recently emailed an email blast to the entire membership – click here to read the notice

Field Day is always the fourth full weekend of June, beginning at 1800 UTC Saturday and running through 2059 UTC Sunday (2:00PM Saturday - 4:59PM Sunday). It is the time of the year that nearly all hams looks forward to – partially because of the chance to stretch their rigs' legs and/or try out new antennas, but mainly because of the shared experiences and fellowship with their fellows operators.

The Antietam Radio Association usually holds its Field Day at the Leitersburg Ruritan Park, in Leitersburg, MD.

This year, Field Day 2022, operations will encompass June 25 & 26, beginning at 2 PM ET (1800 UTC) Saturday and continuing for 24 hours until 2 PM ET (1800 UTC) Sunday.

Thanks to Nelson Sollenberger, KA2C (this year’s Field Day technical guru) and Steve Struharik, WA8EIH (the man behind the curtain), we have included several files that provide instruction on different aspects of setup. Download your copies now!

Please join us!

CLICK HERE for the official rules and ARRL operating procedures for Field Day 2022.