The ARA site was purposely taken down a week or two ago because of the strong suspicion of malicious code, and to bring it back in a more secure, faster performing manner. In this case, it has taken us a little longer than we’d expected to bring everything back up. For that, we apologize.

You will notice our design practices, theory, and even how the site is presented have changed, but the site is up, and the work will continue. It is my plan to bring the most current articles back up first, followed by older articles. There are some things that may not return. The site will contain most, if not all, of the material that was there earlier. Things may look different, but in the end it should all be there.

It is our hope to have the site back up and at a reasonable level of completeness before the meeting on air meeting at 7P, 4/6/2021.

Initially all posts will be under the “Posts” area, directly under this features section. Until I have a chance to make things “pretty,” I wanted to let you know you can get to new posts by pressing “Posts” below. Once we have a good amount of content restored, I will work on a more fluid approach.