While we are still working on bring our current site to the “full splendor and glory” of its prior self, we felt that it might be appropriate to provide access to the recent site.

Before completely stopping the server, Scott requested that Archive.org scan and store our domain, W3CWC.ORG. Their goal is to provide a historical reference to the ever-changing Internet. When I saw just how this worked, I immediately realized just what a wonderful reference tool it is.

Clicking on this link takes you to THE WAYBACK MACHINE, and the most recent version of W3CWC.ORG before we utrned the server off. What happens there is nothing short of magical. Because of the immense size of the project and its associated hardware, it can take a little while to move from page to page, but almost everything from the old site is there. There may be a few links that might not work, but very few.

If you are looking for something specific that hadn’t yet been moved over, or for an article that was time-sensitive you may find it there.

We have obtained a full copy of the latest scan, and are planning to host that on our new local server in the not too distant future. Once that is done, the ARA will have complete control over the site before server was shutdown, and the page loads should be a lot snappier, too.