The first order of business that we tackled (the first of its kind for a very long time) was to take roll, shortly followed by voting for club officers for the upcoming terms.

Since there were no competition for any office, Herm motioned for an up-down vote (show of hands) to elect the current candidates, rather than by paper ballot. The motion was seconded and carried.

The new officers for 2021-22 are:

Office Name Call
President Brian Umbrell W3PDW
Vice President Herm Niedzielski K2AVA
Treasurer Tim Keener K2AVA
Activities Dir Steve Struharik WA8EIH
Secretary Bill Collins W3OS (fka K3WJC)
Director Pat Goodrich KB3YSV
Director Karin Christensen KB3GFV
Director Nelson Sollenberger KA2C

Newly elected club officials are installed during the first meeting of June.