Repairs to ARA repeater, frequency 146.94, were completed the third week of May, 2021.

On May 20, 2021 the tower climber ascended the MPT tower to install a new, two meter antenna and hardline. This is wonderful news for the ARA, and the repair should bring the 94 repeater to within earshot of much more of the county.

Below is a summary an internal report that Dave Isiminger prepared and sent the ARA officers.

The antenna is a Sinclair SD224 folded dipole just like the DB224 we took down, and maintains the same gain specifications as before. It is now aimed in a South-Southeasterly direction, which Dave is hoping will cover more of Hagerstown, and more of the south side of Washington County. This should improve operation for remote areas when we run communications for the bike races, JFK, etc., that take place in the more remote areas of that region. Replacement of the hardline was a must. The Poly-Phaser was re-installed. Ground kits and ferrite chokes were also installed.

As I monitored 94 this and last weekend, the difference between before and after the report is stark!