Most of this Field Day will be similar to that of 2019, rather than 2020, with a few exceptions:

  1. The Ruritan has erected a large building next to the pavilion
  1. Dinner will not quite be a “potluck” as in the past. Instead, the ARA will provide fried chicken and sides. We are not turning away any dishes members/guests decide to bring. Deserts, snacks, chips, and other sealed items that you think would be desirable are encouraged
  2. If you are coming to help setup Friday or Saturday, PLEASE REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR HT!

We are beginning the setup a little earlier this year, on Friday rather than Saturday. Setup commences at 9AM Friday. We are planning to do some live testing after the initial setup Friday to ensure that we have the best locations for the antennas to lessen interference, and to exercise other equipment that we are trying for the first time this year. Final setup is on Saturday beginning at 9A.

An important note is that there are many new things that are we are going to attempt this year that, as a group, we have not attempted before. Plus, the new Ruritan building is complete, meaning that we have to try to utilize new areas of the park for operating and antenna placement. We have to think about how our antennas will work in a more enclosed area, plus the fact that the newly erected building is metal; it seems that there will be a lot going on during the setup period.

Anyone who would like to assist in setting up and/or testing the setup afterwards is more than welcome.

I hope to see you all there at some point this weekend. It’s nice getting back to quasi-normal. Be safe!

For more information about Field Day, click here!