Thanks to Covid-19, the entire world faced a devastating 2020 – it seemed that the entire world was put on a major pause. The year 2021 shows that people seem to have a little more confidence to step outside, now that the health and government officials have had a chance to get vaccines and other safeguards in place.

Many events, including hamfests, have cautiously re-opened their doors to their community, and Antietam Radio is no exception. You may remember that much earlier this year the ARA membership voted to cancel the MAY 2021 Hamfest, but remained hopeful that things would take a turn for the better, and we could attempt a modified hamfest/tailgate fest later this fall. That event was announced at the last ARA meeting August 3rd.

It is important to note that this special event hamfest will be more of a tailgating event and less of the Great Hagerstown Hamfest that we have all come to know and love. A few things that you should not expect are:

  • Food Concessions
  • Inside Vendors
  • Speakers

Things are still in flux as to what we will and will not do, but those three seem to be the main ones that keep getting mentioned. What you can expect are:

  • Tailgaing
  • Chance at some really good deals
  • Fun
  • Lower ticket cost this year (see the Hamfest Page for detailed pricing)
  • Bathroom facilities
  • Door Prizes
  • Camaradarie
  • Lower ticket Prices
  • A perfect change to see your friends!
  • Great deals! (yes, I know this is repeated, but it’s true!)

There will be more posted on the ARA Hamfest page as more things are determined….

Hamfest Announcement